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HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. The good news is you can start with most of these platforms for free to try them out and see which experience you prefer. When you’re blogging for fun or as an extension of your website, ease of use, the writing experience, and your writing style are the most important factors to consider. Write.as has a cool feature if you want to remain anonymous or write under a different identity.

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What Is Blogging Software?

This process can be intimidating for beginners, particularly when compared to the ease of installing plugins on WordPress. It’s post editor also isn’t drag-and-drop, which might frustrate some bloggers. Tech Crunch, one of the largest and most popular technology news blogs, is powered by WordPress.

As you publish more content, you can analyze your blog performance with HubSpot’s built-in analytics to understand what topics and types of content are resonating with your readers. Optimizing your content for search is essential to driving traffic to your blog. These are just a few questions that can help you select a platform with the design and customization options you need.

You can customize your blog with flexible templates, custom layouts, and more. You can earn extra cash by monetizing your blog with Google AdSense.

This is perfect for bloggers who plan to discuss controversial topics and share opinions without affecting their personal life or reputation. Overall, the solution is ideal for writing blog posts, journals, or newsletters. The minimalist concept to Write.as ensures that your creative juices aren’t interrupted. And there’s nothing to customize or build—it’s just blogging. Write.as is a great way to get your thoughts published on the web without building a website. You can write short posts, long-form content, and everything in between. But if you’re looking for complete customization and lots of extras with your posts, this probably isn’t the best platform for you.

  • My perception was that the Zendesk Chat is just the weakest part of the otherwise powerful customer service software.
  • It’s crafted for 1 agent seat and allows you to manage 1 concurrent chat at a time.
  • They generate revenue for offering outsourced chat agents — in case you were wondering.
  • The basic limited version of the Zendesk Chat is available for free.
  • If your support is a one-person job, this free version can be a great way to save yourself some money.
  • Tawk has captured a great share of the live chat market by simply offering their live chat software for free.

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While Ghost may not be the most well-recognized name in the blogging industry, it has more than two million installations. To get started, all you need an email address, password, and username. So, you can sign up now and start blogging in a matter of minutes. So, it’s a great choice if you love the simplicity of social media.

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If you want to start blogging for free and earn some extra cash with Google AdSense, Blogger is an excellent choice to consider. Since Google owns Blogger, it’s easy to generate revenue using Google AdSense by displaying targeted ads on your blog.